Great Expectations (Paperback)

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"Great Expectations" is the classic novel by Charles Dickens that traces the life of an orphan named Pip. The novel begins on Christmas Eve 1812 where we find a seven year old Pip as he encounters an escaped convict in the cemetery where Pip's family is buried. Pip lives with his abusive older sister, and her husband Joe Gargery, a blacksmith, whom Pip works for as an apprentice. A wealthy spinster, Miss Havisham, encourages a friendship between Pip and her adopted daughter Estella. When Pip receives a large sum of money from an anonymous benefactor, whom he assumes to be Miss Havisham, he leaves for London to become a gentleman. Soon after Estella arrives in London and Pip, who is in love with the girl, escorts her about the town. When it is discovered that Miss Havisham is not the anonymous benefactor, a series of events is set in motion with tragic consequences. At the center of the novel is a complicated set of themes that can be simplified by the idea that the affection of love and loyalty of friendship are more important than aspirations for wealth and to a higher social class.

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