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Reading Log: Reader's Journal 110 pages cream paper large (8.5x11) (Paperback)

Reading Log: Reader's Journal 110 pages cream paper large (8.5x11) Cover Image
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Are you avid readers and when you finish reading/listening a book you can't wait to write your

first impressions, your favorite phrases and the vote it deserves? Or would you like to do a real

book review? Do you want to recommend to a friend a book that you've read but sometimes you do not

remember the details? Great, this Reading Log is perfect for you or a perfect gift for reading lovers

The document includes two sections:

① Four tables of contents to write:

✓ the name of the book

✓ the page number where its review can be found

✓ Genre

② One hundred pages for reviews to record:

✓ Title

✓ Author

✓ Genre

✓ Publisher

✓ Publisher date

✓ Date Started and Finished

✓ Bought/Loaned from

✓ My review of this book

✓ Why I read this book

✓ It ispired me to

✓ Who will I recommend it to?

✓ Rating

✓ My favorite quote

This reading journal is the perfect organizational tool to track, record and review the books you read

or listen to. This is the ultimate journal to organize your reading.

This attractive and spacious reading journal includes a reading log, which is also a table of contents

that consists of 100 lines to log your titles and other useful information for quick and easy reference.

It contains 100 pages (1 book per page) dedicated to recording 100 books. The pages are very spacious

with plenty of room to write down your thoughts, opinions, reviews, favorite quotes, notes, and other

useful info. Every page includes a guided rating system that enables you to rate the plot, characters,

ease of read and the quality of writing.

In addition to this, there are dedicated pages for your reading wish list, favorite quotes, top picks

and notes.

This journal makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys reading or for someone you

want to encourage to read more, whether it be kids or adults.


★ 8,5 X 11 inch dimensions

★ Black and white interior

★ Glossy and soft covers

Product Details
ISBN: 9781716105807
ISBN-10: 1716105803
Publisher: Maxim
Publication Date: February 7th, 2021
Pages: 110
Language: English