A Heart's Betrayal: Tools for Christian Women Recovering from Divorce (Paperback)

A Heart's Betrayal: Tools for Christian Women Recovering from Divorce By Christine Cantilena Barnes Cover Image
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Licensed Clinical Mental Therapist Christine Cantilena Barnes ventures into her divorce stemming from a loveless marriage as a Christian woman and mother. In her book, A Heart's Betrayal, she describes the process of before, during, and after her devastating divorce and picking up the pieces. This book consists of many essential tips for navigating a high-conflict divorce. This includes discovering marital affairs, divorce's effects on children, legal knowledge and helpful tips, financial concerns, regaining emotional steadiness, and reconnecting with the Lord to find your new self goals and purpose.

Many things can tear one down while dealing with a divorce, and the most difficult that Christine discovered were keeping her son emotionally sound-minded and fully surrendering herself to God to regain self-confidence and self-love.

Her hope is to help others who find themselves in similar situations so they, too, can learn to cope and heal from their extensive pain. Additionally, to learn the new "normal" of being a healthy-minded single parent and to recognize a strong-willed narcissist. Although Christine's experiences prove that a marriage can be filled with devastating destruction, God's mercy and a prayerful community can renew your life to an unexpected height. Her contending spirit are all factors that demonstrate there is also a path of such greatness that awaits you beyond divorce

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