The Greatest Sacrifice: An Adoption Novel (Paperback)

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Stevie is a typical teenager with two loving parents. But when her dad dies, she and her mom find themselves suddenly living a life they never expected. When Stevie decides to drown her sorrows at a beach party, she wakes up on the beach the next morning and soon discovers that she's pregnant. With her mother unable to help her, Stevie is forced to make the greatest sacrifice in order to give her baby the life she can't afford.

Annie has it all-a loving husband, money, and a beautiful home. But all she has ever wanted is to be a mother-something that she just can't seem to make happen. When Annie and Joe learn of a young mother interested in placing her baby for adoption, they jump at the chance to become parents. But is Annie ready to sacrifice everything in order to finally fulfill her dream of motherhood?

Two women find themselves on two separate journeys to make the greatest sacrifice for the child they love. But can love truly conquer all? Or will the greatest sacrifice be too much?


In her riveting novel, The Greatest Sacrifice, B.J. Bassett reveals an exceptional understanding of how adoption impacts everyone involved; the mother forced to give up her child, the adopting family, and the adopted child. All must sacrifice something, but as we follow the twists and turns of each character's journey, we come to realize that sacrifice is not always about having to give something up but can be about being an offering that is really a gift, as painful as the loss may be. Highly recommended for readers of Christian literature.

Carol Schaefer

Author of The Other Mother: A Woman's Love for the Child She Gave Up for Adoption and Searching for Healing After Reunion

Fans of B.J. Bassett's previous novels will be delighted by her latest, The Greatest Sacrifice. Here we meet with strong characters facing heart-rending situations-and overcoming.

Nick Harrison

Author of Magnificent Prayer and The One-Year Life Recovery Prayer Devotional

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