Fifty Tricks With A Thumb Tip: A Manual of Thumb Tip Magic (Paperback)

Fifty Tricks With A Thumb Tip: A Manual of Thumb Tip Magic By Milbourne Christopher Cover Image
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Fifty of the greatest effects ever created using a thumb tip, one of every successful magician's basic props. Written by the President of the Society of American Magicians and honorary vice-president to The Magic Circle, this manual provides fifty tried and tested effects that will astound and amaze both close-up and parlor audiences-and, with the performer's imagination, even on a stage. Contains the following effects: Burning A Handkerchief; Making Money; Ribbons From Nowhere; Burning A Napkin; Burning A Tablecloth; Fire-Proof Thumb; Conjuring Up Candy; Living Or Dead; Cards Controlled; Vanishing A Dime; Indestructible Match; Spirit Rapping Hand; Thumb Tie with Rubber Bands; Chapman's Taped Thumbs; Dollar In Banana; Bill In Soft Roll; Bill In Hard Crust Roll; Reimer's Ribbon Cut; The Severed String; Spirit Knots; The Mysterious Cord; Cigarette To String; Silken Dollars; Inflated Money; Waterproof Greenback; Waterproof Variation; Burning A Dollar; Spots That Pass; Bill In Nested Envelopes; Solid Sugar; Silk Switch; Quick Change; Hen Fetsch's Bank Night; Annemann Move; The Vanishing Card; The Vanishing Cigarette; Full-Sized Cigarette Vanish; Flash Tip; Silk Production; Confetti To Silk; Allen's Tie Trick; A Tannen Tip; Knots Untied; The Cut Restored; Bill In Purse; Amazing Prediction; Thumb Stretching; Bill In Shot Glass; Bill In Egg; Sealed Envelope Reading.

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ISBN: 9781647645007
ISBN-10: 164764500X
Publisher: Scrawny Goat Books
Publication Date: April 15th, 2022
Pages: 44
Language: English