Critical Geopolitics and Regional Re-Configurations: International Perspectives (Hardcover)

Critical Geopolitics and Regional Re-Configurations: International Perspectives By Alec Craft (Editor) Cover Image
By Alec Craft (Editor)
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The term geopolitics refers to the investigation of geographic influences on the power relationships in international relations. It is a policy that involves political, geographical, and economic factors between two or more nations. Countries form geopolitical agreements, treaties, and policies over issues of trade, pollution, business, education, cultural or media influences, war, and travel. The basic philosophy behind critical geopolitics is that intellectuals of statecraft, including academicians, politicians, and government officials, construct ideas about places that influence and reinforce political behaviors and policy choices. These ideas have a major impact on people's perceptions of places and politics. Critical geopoliticians deal with questions relating to geopolitical discourses, geopolitical practice, and the history of geopolitics. This book provides significant information about critical geopolitics and regional re-configurations to help develop a good understanding of the subject. It will provide comprehensive knowledge to the readers.

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Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
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