Lessons from Lad: What My Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, Leadership, and Loss (Hardcover)

Lessons from Lad: What My Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, Leadership, and Loss By Christine Nicole Ferris Cover Image
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In "Lessons from Lad," Christine Nicole Ferris offers a poignant and insightful journey into the lessons learned from her beloved rough collie, Lad. Although their time together was brief, the impact Lad left on Christine's life was profound. This book delves deep into the heart-wrenching story of losing not just a cherished pet but a long-held dream and the transformative wisdom that emerged from that loss.

Through fifty-two beautifully crafted lessons, Christine shares Lad's enduring legacy. These lessons are a mosaic of joy, heartache, and enlightenment, reflecting on the nuances of life with a companion who was much more than a pet. Christine's narrative explores the depth of the bond between a human and their animal companion, and the powerful life truths this relationship can reveal.

**Key Lessons from the Book**The Power of a Dream Realized: Christine's journey with Lad underscores the significance of fulfilling lifelong dreams and the profound joy they bring.Embracing Life's Impermanence: The story highlights the importance of cherishing every moment, and acknowledging the fleeting nature of life's joys.Learning Through Loss: Christine's experience illustrates how loss can be a catalyst for personal growth, teaching resilience and the capacity to find meaning in grief.Discipline and Self-Control: The book offers insights into the importance of self-leadership, both in training a dog and in life, teaching the value of setting boundaries and the strength in saying no.Spiritual Reflection and Guidance: The narrative weaves in spiritual elements, offering lessons in how life experiences, even those involving pets, can point us toward deeper spiritual truths and connections."Lessons From Lad" is more than just a story about a dog; it's a journey into the heart of what it means to love deeply and experience God's power to redeem our most profound losses.

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ISBN: 9781646458103
ISBN-10: 1646458109
Publisher: Redemption Press
Publication Date: January 16th, 2024
Pages: 126
Language: English