The Unflustered Mom: How Understanding the Five Anxiety Styles Transforms the Way We Parent, Partner, Live, and Love (Paperback)

The Unflustered Mom: How Understanding the Five Anxiety Styles Transforms the Way We Parent, Partner, Live, and Love By Amber Trueblood Cover Image
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"Any moms who want more ease, confidence, and joy in their lives should definitely read this book!" —Kim West, MSW, "The Sleep Lady"

Unlock your ability to unfluster your parenting by identifying your anxiety style so you can turn frustration to flourishing

Many moms live under the weight of seemingly constant fear. They worry about everything from their kids’ safety and emotional health to that weird little rash on their ankle. They are the referees, social planners, medics, financial consultants, cooks, travel agents, educational specialists, family therapists, and housekeepers. It’s utterly exhausting. Unfortunately, it’s not just exhausting, it leaves them flustered. Most of us don’t have access to the support or resources we need to manage being flustered in a healthier way.

Women end up with symptoms ranging from “mom guilt” and “mommy brain” to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse, and eating disorders. Moms are more flustered now than ever before. Even women who have no previous experience with anxiety or depression find themselves changed as a result of the physiological shifts, emotional isolation, hormonal imbalances, and unrealistic expectations that accompany motherhood.

The Unflustered Mom offers a healthy alternative for dealing with mom-fears. Moms can identify their anxiety, better understand their triggers, their clues, their contributing factors, and their false beliefs. Then they’ll learn practical tools that can help to dismantle the fears no longer serving them—turning their fluster into flourish.

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About the Author

Amber Trueblood, MBA, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist, bestselling author, speaker, and mother of four sons. Her experience and expertise in the field of mental health includes providing community-focused psychological services at The Village and The Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA, private therapy for individual clients, group therapy, and private wellness retreats. Trueblood is the author of Stretch Marks: A Self-Development Tool for Mothers Who Are Being Stretched in Every Direction and has written and contributed to articles in O: The Oprah Magazine, Bustle, People, Good Housekeeping, Parade, and more. She has appeared as a featured expert on E! Daily Pop, KTLA, CBS, and Good Day LA. She lives in San Diego, California.

Praise For…

“I believe every mom should have a copy of Unflustered Mom. To learn my anxiety style and my super sense has been such a game changer for me and my family. It allows me to understand myself more and helps me work through moments of extreme anxiety or irritability. It has grown my relationship with my children and my husband. I would highly recommend this book for every mom.” —Amanda Gurman, Honest as a Mother podcast host and author

“Every new mom should be presented with this on their first day of motherhood” —Jen Cannon, In Literary Love

The Unflustered Mom is a lifesaver! Getting to know how to 'unfluster' myself has been a godsend. I feel like Amber was in my brain and sneaking in on my life while I was reading this book. Her strategies and encouragement supported me to take the right steps for me to be more present, feel more joyful and create a life that I am happy to live each day. I highly recommend Amber's book to anyone interested in finally enjoying the big and small things of motherhood!” —Maruxa Murphy, Founder of Revolutionary Communities and Perky Perky Coffee

“Amber Trueblood’s book The Unflustered Mom has a light-hearted tone but is full of wisdom, tried and true principles, new constructs, and very clear strategies for improving our relationship with self, with our partner and with our children. She takes a difficult and overwhelming topic and puts it into a no-nonsense, practical approach to managing both our inner struggles and our day-to-day struggles of caring for self, for our romantic partnership and for managing our roles as moms.”—Beth Haggett, MSW, LCSW, PhD, Thrive with Dr. Beth

The Unflustered Mom is an insightful and practical guide for mothers. Mom expert and therapist Amber Trueblood offers a novel and powerful framework for understanding what triggers our overwhelm and anxiety. In the latter part of the book, readers will find effective strategies for sleep, communication, motivation, and self-care. Amber offers a slough of practical tools and shares how moms can create their own individualized self-care plans. Any moms who want more ease, confidence, and joy in their lives should definitely read this book!" —Kim West, MSW, "The Sleep Lady"

“Amber Trueblood skillfully teases out the conditions that contribute to the fears and anxieties all too common to mothers in this beautiful guide, exposing those fears to the light of awareness where they can be dealt with and put to rest. I'm so happy for flustered moms everywhere that Amber has assembled these practices for them!” —Lisa McCourt, bestselling author and Founder of Joy School

“Read this book if you want to stop judging yourself, comparing yourself to others, and continue on your path to healing and managing your anxiety.” —Kiné Corder, national certified counselor, author of The Art of Starting Over, and CEO of Presidential Lifestyle

“It's like author Amber Trueblood were in my life for the first two years of motherhood, pointing out all the BS I went through, and then wrapped it up in a pretty bow and made me realize that it was all normal. To think I was alone all those years. Dang, I could have used this book ten years ago!" —Renee Warren, CEO We Wild Women

"The Unflustered Mom is an efficacious and powerful book! It offers tools and insights that name anxiety, along with easy doable and effective steps." —Lisa Thomas, intuitive life coach, Soul Awakening Method

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