PTSD Recovery Workbook for Teens: Strategies to Reduce Stress, Build Resiliency, and Overcome Trauma (Paperback)

PTSD Recovery Workbook for Teens: Strategies to Reduce Stress, Build Resiliency, and Overcome Trauma By Dr. Stephanie Bloodworth, PsyD Cover Image
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Help teens manage PTSD symptoms and move forward

It can be hard for teenagers to move on after experiencing a difficult event. Fortunately, young people are more than their trauma. This workbook highlights how healing is possible, empowering teens to face their PTSD and learn to advocate for themselves.

In this PTSD workbook teens will:
  • Unpack PTSD—Teach teens what types of trauma cause PTSD, the specific impact it can have on them, and how symptoms may manifest mentally and physically.
  • Heal through exploration—Discover activities and strategies to help teens process their triggers and traumas, from creating a sanctuary space to practicing setting healthy boundaries.
  • Hear from other teens—Find reassurance in stories about other teenagers who have also experienced PTSD.

Give teens the tools they need to work through their trauma and improve their mental health with this encouraging PTSD book.

About the Author

STEPHANIE BLOODWORTH, PsyD, is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She maintains a private practice in Houston, TX, providing support for individuals who are tired of being “strong” for everyone else. Dr. Bloodworth also researches covert masculine supremacy and its relationship to women’s models of strength. And she has experience as an AAPI mental health professional.

Praise For…

"This book is an absolute necessity for the increasing numbers of teens affected by trauma and anyone who is helping them to survive and thrive. Dr. Stephanie Bloodworth has a gift for making the complex process of healing not only understandable but achievable. This resource is a tool for personal growth, and also an engaging and easy-to-read book that draws you right in." —Dr. Courtney Hart, HR director of compliance in the Lewisville Independent School District

"If you're writing for teens, your first hurdle is to get their attention. Your second is to keep it. Dr. Bloodworth does both—her tone is light, encouraging, and respectful. She approaches recovery from many angles—exercises of relaxation, stories about other teens, invitations to write for self-discovery. And she arranges it so you cannot fail. Whatever you think or write is just fine. You can't not feel better by the end of her book." —Thelma Jean Goodrich, PhD, marriage and family therapist

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