Kingdom of Love: 3 Medieval Romances (Paperback)

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Kidnapping. . .Murder. . .Revenge.
If Only the Fortress Walls Could Talk!

From bestselling author Tracie Peterson come 3 unique historical novels, rereleased for old and new fans alike. Liberty and love--even life itself--are fragile commodities those living in medieval England. Will God's love and power triumph in the lives of these three courageous women? Find out in soul-searing historical novels of romance and suspense!

A Kingdom Divided
Raised in a home filled with violence, Arianne Pemberton experiences love and gentleness only after her arranged marriage to Richard, Duke of Gavenshire. But before she can feel confident both in Richard's love and in God's personal care for her, a mysterious enemy from Richard's Past over-powers the castle and takes Arianne hostage. Who is Tancred, and why is he set on revenge? What fuels the animosity between the two men? Exercising her new faith, Arianne risks her life to restore peace and unite a kingdom divided. 
Alas, My Love
England in the Middle Ages is far from a jolly place for an unprotected young woman. Yet the savagery of her stepbrother and the devious schemes of her stepsister have given golden-haired Helena Talbot little choice. She must find shelter elsewhere. Afforded protection by the magnanimouse Duke of Gavenshire, Helena nonetheless lives under an assumed name, ever fearful her whereabouts will be revealed to her stepbrother. Only one dream transports her above her worries, the desire that one day she will be reunited with brave Tancred. Years have passed since they were together and now an ocean and a king's decree keep them apart. But are those obstacles stronger than a woman's prayer for love? 
If Only
The year is 1349, the place, England. As the bubonic shadow spreads across the land, Mary Beckett finds herself alone and desperate. Her father, a physician who has been accused of consorting with the devil, has been murdered. Even her own interest in medicine has brought cries of witchcraft. Mary's only hope is to journey north to the home of her godly grandmother, a woman her father once rejected. Doctors and pilgrims will cross her path, and, last but not least, Peter Donne, a knight on a mission from the king. Hundreds will beg her to heal them. Will Mary Beckett, a lonely pilgrim herself, find a way to help her people and herself? If only she could reach her grandmother's home, if only she could find her own way to God. . . .

About the Author

Often called the “Queen of Historical Christian fiction,” Tracie Peterson is an ECPA, CBA, and USA Today bestselling author of over 130 books, most of those historical novels. Her work in historical fiction earned her the Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers in 2011 and the Career Achievement Award in 2007 from Romantic Times, as well as multiple best book awards. Throughout her career, Tracie has also worked as a managing editor of Heartsong Presents under Barbour Publishing, speaker of various events, and teacher of writing workshops. She was a co-founding member of the American Christian Fiction Writer’s organization and has worked throughout her career to encourage new authors. Tracie, a Kansas native, now makes her home in the mountains of Montana with her husband of over 40 years.

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Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
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