The Truth about Everything (Hardcover)

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Gut a fish. Rewire a truck. Survive the collapse of the US government. All lessons fifteen-year-old Lark has learned during "homeschool" with her conspiracy-theorist-doomsday-prepping parents. If only she'd also learned the fundamentals of human biology or even how to read. When Lark gets her first period and realizes how much she doesn't know, she ignores her fears of everything outside their rural Montana farm and secretly attends school for the first time. At high school, Lark discovers the world is very different than she has been told, from the basics of the internet to government takeovers that never happened. Lark uncovers the holes in her parents' beliefs and realizes that she must decide her own truth. But it won't come without sacrifices.

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ISBN: 9781635830804
ISBN-10: 163583080X
Publisher: Flux
Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 288
Language: English