Weed: The User's Guide: A 21st Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana (Hardcover)

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By David Schmader, Alex DeSpain (Illustrator)
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The United States is in the midst of a new Golden Age of legal weed. Recreational marijuana is now legal in four states--Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska--and Washington, DC, while medical marijuana is legal in 25 states and counting. This definitive, hands-on, and experienced guide to the new world of decriminalized recreational marijuana, written by the lovingly blunt and unfailingly witty David Schmader, will educate and entertain the novice and experienced user alike. Complete with history, ways to enjoy, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical-use information, this witty guide is perfect for gift giving.

About the Author

David Schmader is a writer living and working in Seattle. From 1999-2014, Schmader served as associate editor at Seattle’s Pulitzer-winning newsweekly the Stranger, writing the column Last Days: The Week in Review. In 2015, Schmader became creative director of the award-winning nonprofit writing center the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas, where he also serves as writer-in-residence. In his spare time, he’s the world’s foremost authority on the brilliant horribleness of Showgirls, hosting annotated screenings of Paul Verhoeven’s stripper drama at cinemas across the U.S. and supplying the commentary track for the bestselling Showgirls DVD.

Praise For…

“A hugely informative, completely hilarious, and desperately necessary guide to marijuana—written by one of the funniest guys I’ve ever known, who just so happens to be the person who got me high for the first time. Required reading for longtime potheads and new users alike.”
—Dan Savage

“If weed’s already a part of your life, this fun and insightful book is the perfect owner’s manual. And for those for whom it’s not, David Schmader answers all the basic questions you were too afraid to ask. By the end of the book, Schmader feels like both an older brother and a trusted friend."
—Rick Steves
“The world has enough books dealing in stoner stereotypes. David Schmader’s funny, fact-packed Weed is something new and necessary.”
—Reggie Watts, star of IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang

Denver Best Seller List

“A witty guide full of history, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical information.”
—Publishers Weekly

“[Weed] is smoothly written and completely thought out, covering the basics of usage (smoking, vaping, consuming edibles, and applying the substance topically) as well as ‘marijuana etiquette’ (don’t bogart, man!). There are recipes for classic pot brownies and cannabis-infused oil, and humor reigns the day (the advice for scoring includes offering homemade banana bread to the neighbors if you’ve ever smelled pot smoke wafting from their door). It’s irreverent, to be sure, but serious advice includes what do to if you’re high, and don’t want to be, as well as a chapter on safety and legality.” 

“Buy everyone this book. The information inside is absolutely indispensable for stoners and novices alike. Schmader tackles all the basics of bud, plus plenty of esoteric but equally important stuff. It's got everything from the ancient history of pot (where he considers the all-important question "Was Jesus a stoner?") to a compound-by-compound breakdown of all the chemicals that make pot pot. While it's extremely useful and educational, it's also just really fun to read, which is no surprise coming from Schmader.”
—The Stranger

Weed: The User’s Guide is an encyclopedia of marijuana history, use, and culture for those questions you’re afraid to ask at your friendly neighborhood pot shop...The book is hilarious and entertaining and thoroughly Schmader-y.”
Seattle Weekly

“[An] indispensable book for beginning or returning dope smokers.”
Portland Mercury

“The adult-like approach to cannabis acts as a prism through which readers can absorb a plethora of information: Schmader covers subjects ranging from etiquette, history, recipes, and even select musical and museum experiences that may be made even better after having smoked.”
—Herb, formerly The Stoner's Cookbook

“Schmader may just be a regular guy, but he is remarkable in his willingness to be vulnerable, to lay himself bare, in order connect with people to realize a collective truth.” 
—Boulder Weekly

"From the requisite history of marijuana cultivation, usage, glossary, step-by-step instructions for an assortment of popular consumption methods, and pot etiquette, each page is delivered with the honesty, humor and tenderness of a trusted friend. A friend who has tested the water for us and now lovingly coaxes us in."
— Jetspace Magazine

"This is a necessary book as we move into a legal weed culture, and people should read it."
Savage Love

“David Schmader is a goddamned Seattle treasure….Funny…entertaining…” and “useful.” 
—The Seattle Review of Books

“One of the very best cannabis books as of late.”
—Comics Grinder

“This writer is redefining what it means to be a pothead.”

“A modern guide to responsible marijuana use.”
—Stackedd magazine

“A guide to the brave new world of legal marijuana.”
—Shelf Talk, New and Noteworthy Northwest Nonfiction

“If David Schmader does anything, ever… you can bet it will be both informative and hilarious.”
—City Arts online

"Weed: The User’s Guide is full of information about medical use and safety and legality and recipes and you can learn even more from David"

"The title...really speaks for itself: Weed: The User’s Guide—A 21st-Century Handbook for Enjoying Marijuana."
— Portland Monthly

“You laugh because it's true.” 

"A lot of fun."

"David Schmader is a legend."

“A witty handbook for new and experienced users alike.”
Phinney Books via NW Book Lovers

“[A] handbook for enjoying marijuana.”
Seattle Magazine

“[A] pot primer.”
Publishers Weekly

“You don’t need to know anything about weed to find [this book] entertaining.”
Toke of the Town

“The basic pot primer.”

[Schmader tells you] how to find the sweet spot of being a successful stoner without the lazy, dropout stigma stopping you from achieving your fully baked dreams.”
Eugene Weekly

“[An] excellent book.”
—Times Herald-Record

“As poignant as it is hilarious.”
—High Times

Yahoo News

"If you’re still convinced marijuana is a dangerous drug, writer David Schmader has some news for you.”

“David Schmader…spoke with experts and crunched the numbers.”
Business Insider

“You might as well read the instructional manual.”

“Marijuana users from the novice smoker to the seasoned toker will appreciate the colorful anecdotes, recipes, and safety tips.”
—Business Insider

“Consider this the modern man’s instruction manual for marijuana.”
—Men’s Journal

"You should just read it… explain[s] the varieties of weed particularly well."
—Drunk Booksellers

"All that stuff that really matters."
—Cannabis Magazine

"Are you ready to learn some stuff about drugs?! The only answer is yes, so here we go!"

"A well-written and engaging little book about marijuana use. Schmader is a gifted, witty, and entertaining writer."
—New York Botanical Gardens

Product Details
ISBN: 9781632170422
ISBN-10: 1632170426
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Publication Date: April 5th, 2016
Pages: 208
Language: English