Swimming Home (Hardcover)

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Swimming Home is unlike anything but itself . . . . Readers will have to resist the temptation to hurry up in order to find out what happens . . . Our reward is the enjoyable, if unsettling, experience of being pitched into the deep waters of Levy’s wry, accomplished novel.” —Francine Prose, The New York Times Book Review

“Elegant . . .  subtle . . . uncanny. . . The seductive pleasure of Levy’s prose stems from its layered brilliance . . . [Swimming Home is] witty right up until it’s unbearably sad.” —Ron Charles, The Washington Post

“Here is an excellent story, told with the subtlety and menacing tension of a veteran playwright.” —Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal

“Exquisite . . . Levy’s sense of dramatic form, as she hastens us toward the grim finale, is unerring, and her precise, dispassionate prose effortlessly summons people and landscapes.” —The New Yorker

“Wholly new, fresh and yes, profound . . . [Swimming Home] floats like a wasp, and stings like one too.” —Tucker Shaw, The Denver Post

“Swimming Home is a disquieting meditation on power, memory and madness masquerading as a holiday novel . . . . A beautiful, delicate book underpinned by a complexity that only reveals itself slowly to the reader.” —Financial Times

“Ms. Levy is a stealthy storyteller, lulling us while busy scattering clues.” —The New York Times

“Utterly beautiful and lyrical throughout, even at the most tragic turns… A shortlisted nominee for the Man Booker Prize, deserving of the widest readership.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“Perfectly written, expertly crafted . . . . so well done and so clever.” —Chicago Tribune, Printers Row

“Extraordinary . . . . Levy’s surgically precise language insightfully reveals their characters with the intensity of a tightly controlled play. [Her] changes of pace and tone, from poetic to vulgar, drive this very arresting novel—at times suggestive of D. H. Lawrence and Virginia Woolf—to its unsettling conclusion.” —Booklist

“Short, simple and haunting.”—HuffingtonPost, Editors’ Picks, The Best Books of 2012

“Levy is a keenly attentive writer . . . . She transfixes the reader: we recognize . . . the thing of darkness in us all. This is an intelligent, pulsating literary beast.” —Telegraph (UK)

“Allusive, elliptical and disturbing . . . . often funny and always acute . . . . Swimming Home reminded me of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. Although a short work, it has an epic quality.  This is a prizewinner.”—The Independent (UK)

“Witty and poignant . . . As deep as the ‘cloudy’ pool by the French holiday villa where the story unfolds.” —Sunday Times (UK)

“A statement on the power of the unsaid . . . . Levy’s cinematic clarity and momentum . . . convey confusion with remarkable lucidity.” —Times Literary Supplement (UK)

“One of the finest new novels I have read (and already reread) in a long time...it radiates the sensual languor of sun-drenched afternoons in the south of France and the disquieting, uncanny beauty only perceived by a true daytime insomniac.” —The Guardian (UK)

“Her movement between characters, shifting from one viewpoint to another, conjures the range of personalities with precision. The atmosphere of the villa is swiftly asserted; the pool a perfectly dramatic stage for human malfunction.” —The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)


Product Details
ISBN: 9781620401682
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication Date: November 19th, 2013
Pages: 176