Penguin Huddle (Hardcover)

Penguin Huddle By Ross Montgomery, Sarah Warburton (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Ross Montgomery, Sarah Warburton (Illustrator)
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A merry band of penguins ventures out of the Antarctic and into the adventure of a lifetime in a quirky, rainbow-bright tale of friendship and community building.

All day long the penguin colony plays and plays, and when the sun goes down and the night grows cold and dark, they squeeze and squish together (“penguin huddle!”) to stay warm and snug. But one morning, after a freezing gale, the penguins find themselves stuck, frozen together like a giant penguin ice pop. When no one in the Antarctic can unstick them (“penguin muddle!”), Pipsqueak, the smallest penguin of all, leads his fellows out of their snowy home to a city across the sea in search of help. Whimsical adventures ensue in this global giggle-fest teeming with colorful details—a warm, wintry treat for fans of penguins, playful antics, and celebratory cuddles.

About the Author

Ross Montgomery is the award-winning author of Ten Delicious Teachers, illustrated by Sarah Warburton; Space Tortoise and The Building Boy, both illustrated by David Litchfield; and several highly acclaimed novels. He lives in London.

Sarah Warburton is the illustrator of Ten Delicious Teachers by Ross Montgomery, the Princess series by Caryl Hart, and many other picture books. She lives in England.

Praise For…

A silly, chilly calamity unfolds in the South Pole. . . . The penguins’ wide eyes are incredibly expressive, imbuing their hijinks with hilarity, and there’s plenty of fun vocab sprinkled through. . . . A gleeful ode to friendship and problem-solving.
—Kirkus Reviews

This story is based upon a factual phenomenon, but that base lies far, far down beneath an inky pile of cartoon silliness. Penguins do clump up, especially when cold. Montgomery imagines what might happen if a bunched-up group of penguins iced over so they fused together. . . The illustrations are speckled with sight-gags for adults. . . So, we have a gleefully frivolous situation.
—The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Montgomery’s text is admirably lean without sacrificing humor, vocabulary, and wordplay, while Warburton brings the frozen tundra and the bustling city to life with bright, energetic art that seems to fly, run, and waddle across the page. . . . The length is just right for a story hour, with a smooth flow of action that keeps the plot moving. Readers will enjoy the comedic failed attempts at separating the penguins and cheer when the huddle realizes that their bond is stronger than ever.
—School Library Journal

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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
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