The Raw and Uncensored One (Paperback)

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The emotions I use run the gamut from cuteness to numbness to hostility. I, and my poetry, encapsulates both light and dark, both angelic beings and fallen angels. Some of my poetry is light and fun and some of my poetry is difficult to read and painful. In this book, I am bold in danger and in a time where people closely follow those who say what is on their mind, I follow suit in my daring and loudness. I have even dared to bring things out in the open that have been hidden for a long time. Some say I say things we've all wondered or we've all known by heart. As the title suggests, the truth will not be censored. Beware that in these pages is discussion of the taboo: sex, politics, and religion, as well as abuse and trauma. This is not for the faint of heart. I am not afraid of writing angry poetry even if it offends, for poetry runs through all aspects of emotion.

About the Author

i. P. audAx speaks through poetic statements with a clear and powerful voice. The most descriptive word to describe i. P. audAx is "provocative," in more ways than one. She is both provocative in the mental sense as well as the sensual sense.

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Publication Date: August 4th, 2016
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