Funk the Clock: Transgressing Time While Young, Perceptive, and Black (Hardcover)

Funk the Clock: Transgressing Time While Young, Perceptive, and Black By Rahsaan Mahadeo Cover Image
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Funk the Clock is about those said to be emblematic of the future yet denied a place in time. Hence, this book is both an invitation and provocation for Black youth to give the finger to the hands of time, while inviting readers to follow their lead.

In revealing how time is racialized, how race is temporalized, and how racism takes time, Rahsaan Mahadeo makes clear why conventional sociological theories of time are both empirically and theoretically unsustainable and more importantly, why they need to be funked up/with.

Through his study of a youth center in Minneapolis, Mahadeo provides examples of Black youth constructing alternative temporalities that center their lived experiences and ensure their worldviews, tastes, and culture are most relevant and up to date. In their stories exists the potential to stretch the sociological imagination to make the familiar (i.e., time) strange. Funk the Clock forges new directions in the study of race and time by upending what we think we know about time, while centering Black youth as key collaborators in rewriting knowledge as we know it.

About the Author

Rahsaan Mahadeo is an Assistant Professor at Providence College. Prior to earning his PhD in sociology at University of Minnesota, he worked as a youthworker and social worker in Providence and Boston.

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ISBN: 9781501774201
ISBN-10: 1501774204
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2024
Pages: 294
Language: English