Millie: A cautionary tale of America's longest war (Paperback)

Millie: A cautionary tale of America's longest war By Nelson G. Goodman M. D. Cover Image
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Imagine there were no drug dealers on our city streets There were no cartels perpetrating atrocities on our nation's borders. There were no hapless victims of the drug war committing crimes or prostituting themselves to get their next fix Our prisons were emptied of small time drug dealers and their victims, the drug dependent, the mentally ill, the casual pleasure seeker The Taliban could no longer finance their bombs and guns with money from Afghan heroin Our courts were free to provide timely justice for non-drug related crime The drug dependent among us receiving treatment, rehabilitation, even maintenance instead of incarceration Is this just a pipe dream or is it the reality we have failed to properly pursue? Must there be an endless, futile war on people who seek drugs for pleasure, to relieve symptoms of depression or other mental illness, or because they became addicted as children or adolescents driven by social or other pressures? Is the drug war to remain an open, never to be healed wound of American society, a blight to which we have habituated ourselves, a racist threat to black America, a windfall for the purveyors of prisons, alcohol, illicit substances, and jurisprudence? Dr. Goodman, through his protagonist, Millie, a promising youngster who becomes addicted to heroin with relatively little disruption in her life and career, leads us through the devastating consequences of the drug war to the highest court in the land to question its constitutionality. 1.

About the Author

Dr. Goodman practiced Internal Medicine for forty years in a suburb of Washington, DC. During those years and the prior years when he received residency training, he was exposed to many victims of the drug war. His experiences teaching medical students on the ward of a large city hospital added to encounters with many drug dependent patients. His interest led him to become the chairman of a state medical society drug committee and to attempt an educational program for primary care physicians, something lacking in their medical schooling. Ultimately his frustration with the daily headlines chronicling the national and international devastation caused by the co-called "war on drugs" led him to write his polemic, "Millie", exposing its horrors in fictional form. Dr. Goodman is a graduate of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He lives in Annapolis with his wife of 55 years, near to his three children, all of whom are law school graduates, and his seven grandchildren.

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