Chowdaheadz: A Wicked Smaaht Guide to All Things Boston (Paperback)

Chowdaheadz: A Wicked Smaaht Guide to All Things Boston By Ryan Gormady, Ryan Delisle Cover Image
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Are you wondering if it's going to be a scortcha? Ever bang a uey? Which way to Bunkah Hill? Chowdaheadz: A Wicked Smaaht Guide to All Things Boston is a fun reference to Boston speak, the Boston way of life and the history, iconic landmarks, and cultural facts that make Boston and Bostonians a unique place in the fabric of America. Illustrated with over 100 original cartoon illustrations, Chowdaheadz is the go-to resource for people to learn more, get a laugh, and understand the beloved city of Boston.

About the Author

About the Authors Ryan Gormady & Ryan Delisle were both raised in the Boston area. They attended the University of Massachusetts together where they noticed that anyone from out of state had no idea what a "Bubblah" is. . . Ryan Delisle lived in Hawaii for a few years and began to appreciate the "funny" way he said things and took pride in friendly ridicule. Ryan Gormady, founded Chowaheadz, a company that sells Boston themed products. They are close friends who smile every time they hear someone order a "quatah pounda shahp cheddah" at the deli. About Chowdaheadz For over 10 years Chowdaheadz has been the #1 spot for "Wicked Awesome Stuff" and lifestyle products about Boston. Products are sold through the website chowdaheadz and to select retailers in the Boston area. From t-shirts bearing the slogan "Wicked Pissah" to a candle called "Summahtime," the products are unique, fun, and designed for people that love Boston!

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ISBN: 9781493024773
ISBN-10: 1493024779
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2017
Pages: 208
Language: English