The Communist Manifesto (Paperback)

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The Communist Manifesto, by the infamously lazy, self-described "illuminist" Karl Marx and his sidekick Friedrich Engles, was written for the Communist League. Per their orders, the deadline for completion of the manifesto was timed to correspond with the French Revolution. True to communist necessity, the ultimate goals are veiled behind psychological deception offering a better life to members of the downtrodden masses. In reality the Manifesto seeks a world subdued by class warfare where tyrants live in opulence and broken slaves meet their every demand. Peasants and serving slaves have no rights under Communism because rights come from the Communists rather than from God and Communists do not endow their underlings the mere right to be free. Nor the right to life, the right to speak freely, and certainly not the right to happiness. What Communists give, Communists also take away. If you've never read the Manifesto you may be surprised to learn that among the Communists' top ten goals for control are the income tax and forced education.

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