Under His Watch: Over 100 Reasons To Re-elect & Remember President Obama (Paperback)

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"UNDER HIS WATCH: Over 100 Reasons to Re-elect & Remember President Barack Obama," is a tribute to the 44th president by author DeQuina Moore. This accomplished professional actress, singer, dancer, and now author, DeQuina Moore, has penned a fun and easy read (the perfect coffee-table book), listing over 100 reasons why Americans should re-elect President Barack Obama for a second term. TIRED of the misleading, negative right-wing propaganda and (what she calls) a misbehaving Congress, Moore's primary purpose of the book is to provide potential voters with pertinent info about the Obama administration. She hopes to expose readers to JUST THE FACTS about President Obama, minus the negative spins and inflammatory commentaries. It's Moore's desire that after reading "UNDER HIS WATCH...," readers would come to know EVERYTHING that President Obama has accomplished on behalf of ALL people, not just a chosen few. Additionally, even post-election, "UNDER HIS WATCH" is a BEAUTIFUL KEEPSAKE which captures the many moments of truth and power concerning President Obama's first term Moore elaborates on it all in a unique manner utilizing outstanding artwork and photography to help illustrate her views. "UNDER HIS WATCH" will be available for purchase at all major online retailers, and in book stores beginning October 15th, just in time for the 2012 Presidential Election. A vocalist in her own right, DeQuina Moore has also recorded the song "Thank You" to accompany the book. The song is available for download on her website (www.DequinaMoore.com), and the music video is viewable there as well "'Thank You' is an ode to the President, a perfect complement to the book," Moore explains. The beautiful melodic original piece was written, arranged, and performed by Moore. The United States and so many countries have already strongly benefited from President Obama's governing and the justification is well documented in "UNDER HIS WATCH". Also, Moore's bloggish-style responses to the facts she offers are hilariously written, filled with a mighty wit, and a prideful punch. Once you read this book and see the brilliant artwork/photos, you will easily understand why this awesome man was elected to the presidency in the first place You will likewise see that his visions and desires for the United States are parallel to most Americans, and are the most selfless, non-arrogant and truly necessary approaches any president could ever take. Additionally, you will observe that he has already, in less than four years, made more strides in a similar period than any other president we have ever had, and there would have been even more positive "change" if it were not for all the unwarranted, unpopular, congressional filibustering he's had to endure. "UNDER HIS WATCH" was written for the many working people who do not have time to come home and watch non-partisan news or turn on a computer to learn what President Obama has contributed toward their futures. It was not DeQuina Moore's desire for fellow working citizens to continue walking around supporting or rejecting President Obama while not really knowing what he stands for, and what specific "change" his fighting represents. Thus, all "UNDER HIS WATCH" readers will be armed and ready for battle at the voting booth, AND will own a wonderful piece of historical literature-a thrilling, easy-going, educational KEEPSAKE they can hold very dear to their hearts.

About the Author

About The Author DeQuina Moore Always BEWARE of an actor/singer/ dancer on hiatus! They might just pick up a pen and pad and start writing! And that's how "Under His Watch" was created. DeQuina Moore spent a lot of time watching broadcast journalists such as Rachell Maddow, Ed Schultz, Ainsley Earhardt, Al Sharpton, Anderson Cooper, Lawrence O'Donnell, Erin Burnett, and Chris Matthews-suddenly a new love and passion for politics was realized. The complications and nuances involving our way of life and the heavy decision-making that occurs between the White House and Congress began to fascinate her. She wanted to help and be involved in a major way. Hence, "Under His Watch", a book dedicated to and written about the first term accomplishments of President Barack Obama! Moreover, DeQuina Chontelle Moore is a native Houstonian who went from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts to graduating New York University's Tisch School of the Arts-Collaborative Arts Program (CAP21) with a major in Musical Theatre, where she perfected her acting, singing, and dancing skills. It's been a long journey of education, lessons, and rejection for DeQuina Moore, before she could grace the stage with the likes of Bill Cosby, be directed by such phenomenon as Garry Marshall, or seen on film with such respected actors as Courtney B. Vance and Nia Long. Since graduating from NYU, DeQuina has been selected to work in over thirty commercials and several stage plays, movies, & TV shows. Just to name a few of her accomplishments, DeQuina made her Broadway debut originating the role of Chiffon in Little Shop of Horrors and further originating a role also starring on Broadway in Legally Blonde the Musical. She then began making a name for herself in television and film with TV productions such as Third Watch and Law & Order: SVU, and films such as CAMP, Ghost Town and Racing For Time. DeQuina most recently played a principal role as Devonne in the Warner Bros. feature film, Joyful Noise, starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. She also toured most of 2010 as Rose in Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family-both gigs she thoroughly enjoyed. Ms. Moore asks for your wonderful thoughts and PRAYERS as she continues on a journey of fulfilling her purpose. But in the meantime, dig in, enjoy, and tell your family and friends all about "UNDER HIS WATCH"!!!

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