A Search for Truth in the Bible (Paperback)

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Constantine and his bishops are credited for creating the early Bible in 313 AD. Canonized in 419 AD, this book would eventually morph into many versions, resulting in a host of religious beliefs and practices. Originally written by unknown Jewish scribes in ancient Hebrew and Greek languages, the Bible is the only source for many ancient and religious events. A Search for Truth in the Bible seeks out truths and untruths in the Bible. It also tries to provide an understanding of the seemingly unswerving faith that many religious practitioners have in the infallibility and power of the Bible, even though it has been shown to be flawed. From current versions of the Bible, including the Revised Standard Version, the book presents the results of studies by numerous biblical experts who have reviewed and commented on the validity of many ancient writings, including the Bible, and takes a fascinating in-depth look at one of the world's most famous, enigmatic books.

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