The Nutcase Across The Street: Reflections On American Politics (Paperback)

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What drives political polarization in the United States? How big of a problem is it? What can we do to fix it? Answers to these questions and other interesting observations on American politics are found in this book written from the everyman's perspective. When it comes to politics, many people in the United States seem to us to be nutcases who are hopelessly lost to a ridiculous ideology and long-discredited propaganda. They can remember talking points but are incapable of critical thought. Of course, they think the same of us. Many of us have given up on them, even though many of them are our friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors. They live all around us. Few of us are willing to talk to the nutcase across the street and few of those nutcases are willing to talk to us. Not all hope is lost, however. It could be that these nutcases are merely speaking a different language. The book lays out many cases of words and phrases with different meanings and uses actual examples of confusion resulting from their use. In other cases, it could be that there are more to the issues than either side realizes. We should talk to each other to learn of things we might not have considered. The worst thing we can do is to give up.

About the Author

Daniel Noe was raised in New Hampshire by his parents and has two younger sisters. He has been observing and studying political ideologues and "other nutcases" since he was seventeen, and has made some (limited) progress in understanding them.

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