Hearts Crossed (Buchanan Saga) (Paperback)

Hearts Crossed (Buchanan Saga) By Anita Stansfield, Elizabeth Michaels Cover Image
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After the tragic events in England, Captain Garret Wentworth is glad to be back on the sea, leading his merchant ship, the Phoenix--though that joy is paled when a member of his crew is killed under mysterious circumstances. Garret takes it upon himself to travel to America and visit the man's daughter to deliver the unfortunate news. Brandy Ashton instantly takes Garret's breath away, but he just as quickly learns that her heart is already taken by another. Resigned to bachelorhood, Garret strives to ignore his feelings for this beautiful, courageous, and good-hearted woman. But after a series of break ins and an attempt on Brandy's life, Garret takes her under his wing and fights to protect her from a danger she doesn't understand. As the two grow closer, Brandy struggles between her loyalty to her original love and the blossoming warmth she feels in Garret's presence. In a fierce battle between good and evil, Garret and those he loves struggle to overcome the darkness of their pasts and avoid losing everything to a single catastrophic moment. Garret has spent years searching for his soul mate. Now that he's found her, he will do anything to protect her, even if it means giving his life.

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ISBN: 9781462142149
ISBN-10: 1462142141
Publisher: Sweetwater Books
Publication Date: July 13th, 2022
Pages: 368
Language: English
Series: Buchanan Saga