The Pink String: Girls Wants Girls (Paperback)

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By Chyna T
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"The Pink String: Ten Short Stories of Lesbian Intimacy" is a collection of erotic tales that delve into the varied and passionate experiences of women who love women. Each story offers a unique glimpse into the intimate moments shared between two or more women as they navigate their desires and explore new depths of pleasure. "Forbidden Love" tells the story of a married woman who falls for her neighbor and must decide whether to risk everything for a chance at happiness. "The One That Got Away" explores the complexities of rekindling a past romance, while "Secrets and Confessions" reveals the hidden desires of two long-time friends. In "First Time," two young women discover their attraction to each other during a summer camp and explore their sexuality for the first time. and "Office Affairs" shows the challenges and rewards of maintaining a toxic sexually motivated work relationship. In "Girls Night Out", join friends on a journey of passion, and self-discovery as they explore the many facets of their sexuality and their love for women as a whole while in "Kinky Games," a couple experiments with BDSM and power dynamics. "The Seduction" follows a woman as she attempts to win over her crush with a sensual massage, and in "Baby Fever," a couple seeks to have a baby so they decide to have a steamy encounter with a neighbor, and "The Power of Touch" takes us on a thrilling journey of exhibitionism as the couple indulges in public displays of affection, risking the disapproval of society for the sake of their love. Each of these stories offers a unique, sensual exploration of love and desire, celebrating the diversity and complexity of the LGBTQ+ community.

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ISBN: 9781312348677
ISBN-10: 1312348674
Publication Date: July 11th, 2023
Pages: 208
Language: English