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The Cartel  is a page turner, ripped from the headlines book about Mexico and the drug wars. Winslow has written a brutal, heartbreaking novel  that leaves the reader depressed at the possibility for any kind of hopeful resolution. The pace is breathtaking and 600+ pages fly by. The brutality is graphic, but there are also strange comic elements. The drug kings aspire to a kind of "normal" life of a wealthy  corporate type.  This is a story you won't soon forget.  A week after I finished the book, "El Guapo" , the head of the Sinaloa cartel escaped from prison. The Cartel opens with the escape from a maximum security prison of Adan Barrera, the fictional head of the Sinaloa cartel. Truth is stranger than fiction.

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From the internationally best-selling author of the acclaimed novel The Power of the Dog comes The Cartel, a gripping, true-to-life, ripped-from-the-headlines epic story of power, corruption, revenge, and justice spanning the past decade of the Mexican-American drug wars.

It's 2004. DEA agent Art Keller has been fighting the war on drugs for thirty years in a blood feud against Ad n Barrera, the head of El Federaci n, the world's most powerful cartel, and the man who brutally murdered Keller's partner. Finally putting Barrera away cost Keller dearly--the woman he loves, the beliefs he cherishes, the life he wants to lead.

Then Barrera gets out, determined to rebuild the empire that Keller shattered. Unwilling to live in a world with Barrera in it, Keller goes on a ten-year odyssey to take him down. His obsession with justice--or is it revenge?--becomes a ruthless struggle that stretches from the cities, mountains, and deserts of Mexico to Washington's corridors of power to the streets of Berlin and Barcelona.
Keller fights his personal battle against the devastated backdrop of Mexico's drug war, a conflict of unprecedented scale and viciousness, as cartels vie for power and he comes to the final reckoning with Barrera--and himself--that he always knew must happen.

The Cartel is a story of revenge, honor, and sacrifice, as one man tries to face down the devil without losing his soul. It is the story of the war on drugs and the men--and women--who wage it.

About the Author

Don Winslow is the critically acclaimed, award-winning, internationally bestselling author of nineteen novels, including The Power of the Dog, Savages, The Winter of Frankie Machine and The Cartel. A former investigator, anti-terrorist trainer and trial consultant, Winslow lives in Southern California.

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ISBN: 9781101874998
ISBN-10: 1101874996
Publisher: Knopf Publishing Group
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2015
Pages: 640
Language: English
Series: Power of the Dog