Krampus and Friends: Tales of Terrifying Christmas Monsters From Around the World (Paperback)

Krampus and Friends: Tales of Terrifying Christmas Monsters From Around the World By Gerald Cole Cover Image
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Christmas is seen through the eyes of thirteen different people in these stories from around the world.
1.A mean village boy calls upon St. Nicholas to help him get rid of the monster Krampus.
2.Rejected by his one true love, Teeter disguises himself as the Belsnickle to get his revenge.
3.La Befana has a surprise visit from three wise men that changes her life forever.
4.Hans Trapp makes a deal with the devil, but it doesn't work out exactly as he planned.
5.An American girl learns that there are consequences to telling lies at Christmas time in France.
6.Mr. Fox has his eye on a rich woman's wealth. But when he finds out she actually has no money, he resorts to murder, only to discover some crimes can never be forgiven.
7.A childless couple create a snowchild, but there is magic in the air.
8.Young Joseph encounters the witch Baba Yaga.
9.Conrad's grandmother is living with Alzheimer and he refuses to let her mind drift away without a fight. But characters from her past might have a different plan.
10.Johnny travels to Iceland to escape Death, but his wicked deeds seem to pale when he encounters thirteen trolls.
11.Lucy is chosen to play Sankta Lucia this Christmas and her gift comes with a magical journey.
12.The holidays are fast approaching in Greece, but evil imps might destroy the world before Christmas Day.
13.A performer discovers that people can appreciate humor in a wild variety of ways.

About the Author

Gerald Cole is a Chicago playwright, author, and screenwriter. His writings include Terror of the Energy Monsters (a book that teaches energy conservation to young adults in a horror style), Acting for Children (a workshop of 7 classes complete with lessons and plays for the students to perform), and The Quiet Woman (an award-winning play about a misogynist who goes to a matchmaker for the perfect woman only to find himself paired with a... mime).

On a trip to Spain he encountered La Befana, the Christmas witch, and his journey down the dark well of Christmas mysteries began. For the past few years he has gathered together stories and folklore about the creatures who accompany St. Nicholas, taking care to keep them in their natural settings.

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