We Three (Paperback)

We Three By Kerry D. Ames, Paul Ruane (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Kerry D. Ames, Paul Ruane (Cover Design by)
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There is a star, a remarkable and unusual star, captivating men from the East who believe there is order in the heavens that can be studied for messages and meaning. The star's unprecedented appearance demands investigation, so they plan a journey, confident their efforts will be rewarded. King Xaratuk presumes the star is evidence of an essential martial ally. King Mithrias is content to use the exploration as a diversion from personal grief. The kings depart on a dangerous, inspiring mission, emboldened only by their confidence, not knowing where the star's light might terminate.

What or who could be of such magnitude as to alter the heavens? Lacking knowledge, they indulge in speculation. They wish. They hope. But their speculation is personal, without basis, and has nothing whatsoever to do with validating Jewish prophecy.

Speculation carries the possibility of being disastrously incorrect.

The expedition has journeyed farther than anticipated. A guide would be beneficial. Topur is a diaspora Jew, a merchant, and a seasoned traveler. The kings invite him to join their quest and reap the benefits. Topur is reluctant, unpersuaded that starlight reveals anything meaningful. In addition, the star beckons them toward the menacing Roman Empire. The kings see opportunity; Topur sees doom. Only at his wife's urging does Topur concede to cooperate. With his slave companion, Najiir, he joins a mission that he feels has little chance of success.

Topur and Najiir attempt to guide their notable charges past a chaotic Jerusalem while confronting an erratic and sinister King Herod, a scheming royal court, obstinate clerics, and potentially deadly Roman interference. When they reach the starlight's conclusion, they find a wholly unimpressive Bethlehem and a baby with his impoverished parents. This is not the fulfillment anyone expected.

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ISBN: 9781088198698
ISBN-10: 1088198694
Publisher: Show Up Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2023
Pages: 372
Language: English