Winter's Song: A Hymn to the North (Hardcover)

Winter's Song: A Hymn to the North By Td Mischke Cover Image
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Winter's Song celebrates the intimate and intense relationship Americans living in the northern Midwest have with winter. The season is often viewed as an inhospitable time of year, accompanied by yearnings to fly south, yet Mischke invites us to view winter through the rich and varied lives of the hearty Northerners who have come to accept the season's extraordinary presentation--its hard lessons and hidden treasures.

While the other seasons have their place among these pages, winter takes center stage and is depicted as an otherworldly yet familiar Nordic realm, one that has profoundly influenced and shaped the people of the north. From amusing stories of winter driving, idiosyncratic fashions, and the inspiring experiences of children, to the effect winter has on spirituality, the health benefits of the cold, and the outsized role of the meteorologist, Winter's Song paints the season with whimsical humor, breathtaking beauty, ancient lore, and cultural touchstones.

But Mischke does more than tie winter to the denizens of the north. He holds a frosty mirror up to life itself and examines what it means to be human through the clarity and contrast winter provides. This exploration reveals the deeper meaning to be found in the fluttering snow, the sparkles cast from icicles, and the twinkling darkness overhead at night. Winter's Song isn't just a hymn. It's an ode that elevates the season to a living, breathing presence and passes its rich rewards to those who embrace it.

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ISBN: 9781088116470
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Publisher: Skywater Publishing Cooperative Ltd
Publication Date: October 15th, 2023
Pages: 186
Language: English