The Lithium Handbook: Stahl's Handbooks (Paperback)

The Lithium Handbook: Stahl's Handbooks By Jonathan M. Meyer, Stephen M. Stahl Cover Image
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Worldwide efforts to promote greater lithium use for mood disorders have increased the need for evidence-based guidance addressing key questions related to initiation, monitoring and adverse effect management. This practical handbook provides clinicians with a detailed explanation of lithium's renal journey, how this informs our understanding of polyuria pathogenesis and how medications or hyponatremia can alter lithium clearance. Covering efficacy, pharmacokinetics, toxicity, discontinuation, and use in special patient groups including pregnant and breastfeeding women, older or younger patients, each section also provides a detailed background for its suggested logical approach to managing lithium's renal and other adverse effects. Using the latest data, the book outlines rationales for specific management decisions, and prioritizes options to provide clinical guidance on the best course of action. Colour-coded lists and tables, bulleted text, and diagrams illustrate important points throughout, helping to make information accessible and easy-to-digest. An essential resource for mental health professionals worldwide.

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ISBN: 9781009225052
ISBN-10: 1009225057
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: November 9th, 2023
Pages: 470
Language: English