Point A to Point B (Paperback)

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Poetry. From the avenues, expressways, and rooftops of NYC, to prison cells, hospice rooms, and the graveyards of cork boards, merciless seashores, borders, and war zones, Michelle Chen takes her readers from POINT A TO POINT B and everywhere in between. In her poems, including Wrecked and Body, Chen makes her reader realize how much we inhabit a body and how much that influences our emotional and intellectual lives along this journey. Her poems explore anticipated loss and sudden catastrophe wrapped in the undeniable instinct of seeking home. They provide us with a keen vision of the literal and metaphorical migrant experience. Migration, movement, and transformation happen for many reasons. Sometimes it is violent, other times it is philosophical--maybe it is the search for a dream or a better life--and sometimes it is just for the sake of change. We find all of these reasons and more within this fascinating chapbook that searches relentlessly, whether empathetically or in the not-always-safe haven of detachment, for homecoming.

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ISBN: 9780998935881
ISBN-10: 0998935883
Publisher: Get Fresh Books LLC
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Pages: 33
Language: English