The Great Things You'll Do! (Hardcover)

The Great Things You'll Do! By Gregory Collins Cover Image
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The Great Things You'll Do is the perfect message for those ages 10 to 100, who seek to achieve their goals and dreams, including those with prior setbacks in life. From high school to college students, newlywed to new job, promotions to victories--all will be inspired to take a moment of deep self-examination to think of the great things they desire to achieve. It energizes readers to hold on to their dreams through ambition and drive.

You will be encouraged to "Champion the sport that enables your gifts and talents to grow; from an amateur level beginner to the master skills of a pro." And no matter how small, success is for everyone.

The three diverse people pictured are examples of the possibilities of what you can achieve. It invites you to be the one with a conscience to do the right things. In doing so, you will pass others as you soar to new heights. While the text provides a resilient message of independence and potential, in the end--"it's all up to you, the great things you'll do." This book is already a classic.

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ISBN: 9780998819402
ISBN-10: 0998819409
Publisher: Textorium Publishing
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2017
Pages: 52
Language: English