Love's Eternal Breath (Paperback)

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USA Today bestselling author Naomi Rawlings returns to Eagle Harbor for the fourth novel of her popular Eagle Harbor Series in this moving marriage-of-convenience story.

Can two people who've lost their dreams find new hope with each other?

Lindy Marsden once dreamed of having a husband, a house, some children, and maybe even one of those fancy treadle sewing machines. But since she grew ill five years ago, those dreams have become too much to hope for. Now she'll be happy if she can find a way to provide for herself so she doesn't have to burden those around her with her illness.

But one person in town keeps insisting she's not a burden... and he's also insisting he can treat her mysterious sickness.

Dr. Seth Harrington knows God made a mistake sending him to the northwoods town of Eagle Harbor. Treating everyday patients with their mundane list of complaints is far different than healing people at the prestigious Boston hospital where he once worked. The only thing that's more frustrating than tending to a litany of bumps and bruises is trying to treat Lindy Marsden. Though she's obviously ill, the woman wants nothing to do with him... until the night she shows up on his doorstep with a sick child in her arms.

When the plight of a young abandoned boy brings Seth and Lindy irrevocably together, Seth finds himself in the most difficult situation of his career. His expertise can help him heal the sick, but will his love be enough to soothe Lindy's wounded soul-and give them both the bright future they so desperately want?

Over 450,000 copies sold in the series

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ISBN: 9780997193510
ISBN-10: 0997193514
Publisher: Naomi Rawlings LLC
Publication Date: January 14th, 2017
Pages: 374
Language: English