The Moslem Doctrine of God and the Moslem Christ: Two Classics Books by Samuel M. Zwemer (Paperback)

The Moslem Doctrine of God and the Moslem Christ: Two Classics Books by Samuel M. Zwemer By Samuel Marinus Zwemer Cover Image
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The book that you hold in your hand contains two publications birthed from missionary experience and the cry of a heart on fire for God. The Moslem Doctrine of God (1905) and The Moslem Christ (1912) were two of the earliest of Samuel M. Zwemer's many published works. The son of Dutch immigrants to America, Zwemer was a fervent evangelical minister with the Dutch Reformed Church in America (now the Reformed Church in America) and one of the founders of the Arabian Mission. Known in his lifetime as the "Apostle to Islam," missionary Samuel M. Zwemer (1867-1952), left a rich legacy and godly example, especially regarding how the Church should think about Islam and act towards Muslims. Muslims are now a seemingly permanent fixture in the daily news, yet very few Christians have taken the time to even understand the basic facts of what they believe. Many Christians, when first learning about Islam, are often amazed at what appears to be a number of common beliefs between the two, especially as it relates to God and Jesus Christ. But is one to assume from these apparent similarities that the Koran, the holy book of Muslims, teaches the same thing as the Bible? Are Islam and Christianity really compatible? Does use of the same terminology by Muslims necessitate equal definitions of those terms within Christianity? The author explores these questions and definitively answers them. Using original Islamic source materials in Arabic, coupled with personal experience, the author reveals what Muslims actually believe about God and Jesus Christ. By so doing, he sets forth a challenge to the Christian reader to take the Gospel to Muslims.

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