Stolen Identity: Introducing Nascephobia, Nascephilia and Maternaphilia (Hardcover)

Stolen Identity: Introducing Nascephobia, Nascephilia and Maternaphilia By Thomas W. Hilgers, MD Cover Image
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Delve into the pages of this thought-provoking book as the author uncovers the hidden world within a mother's womb. Despite recent statements by a prominent politician dismissing the authenticity of ultrasound and Doppler technology, the author, with decades of experience as the Medical Director of a reproductive ultrasound center, attests to their remarkable capabilities. These advancements offer us a window into the life of the preborn child, revealing the extraordinary and real nature of their existence.

The book poses a crucial question: Have you ever witnessed the devastating consequences of procedures like grinding, decapitation, dismemberment, or burning that are inflicted upon the unborn child? While such distressing images may be unfamiliar to most, the author argues that the abortion debate in the United States, exemplified by recent elections, reflects a cultural disconnect from the reality of these procedures. By debunking empty slogans like "My body... My choice!" the author aims to expose the true nature of what unfolds during an abortion.

Moreover, the author challenges us to reconsider the role of women as protectors and providers of nourishment for their unborn children. Denial and disregard for this responsibility often stem from societal pressures or personal reasons. Men, too, frequently evade their supportive responsibilities, particularly when facing pregnancies with unwed mothers. Unveiling a disheartening transformation from a "Culture of Life" to a "Culture of Death," the book sheds light on the prevailing anti-child sentiments in society.

The book raises another pressing query: Have you truly seen the aftermath of an abortion? Many find the graphic and unsettling images unfamiliar and discomforting, especially those outside the medical field. Yet, over the past four decades, a deliberate effort has been made to dehumanize the life growing within the womb, preventing the public from grasping its true identity. This tragic reality serves as the focal point of the book, aiming to educate readers about the genuine nature of the baby in utero, its growth, and its impact on the entire human life spectrum, from conception to natural death. Politicians and mass media have purposefully concealed the reality and authenticity of this new life, shielding the public from witnessing the violent and distressing images of its destruction. This book seeks to reclaim the stolen identity by dispelling misconceptions and empowering readers with knowledge, enabling them to appreciate the extraordinary events that shape each of our lives.

About the Author

Dr. Hilgers is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist who has specialized in medical and surgical NaProTechnology. He is the author of over 234 professional books, book chapters, poster sessions, articles, videotapes, and he has given countless numbers of professional presentations. He has also been the recipient of 16 special recognition awards and 7 research awards. He also directs the largest annual CME program at Creighton University School of Medicine (132 hours per year). He is the recipient of 3 honorary doctorates and was named the Physician of the Year by the Nebraska Family Council in 1997.

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Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
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