Glq73-Men & Lesbianism (Paperback)

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By Elisabeth Ladenson (Editor)
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It has long been assumed--beginning in antiquity and running right up to "Friends"--that straight men fantasize about lesbian sexual encounters," "Lesbian images appear in "Penthouse" and "Playboy "and in advertisements for clothing and scotch. But although these images are omnipresent, they have received very little critical or academic attention.
"Men and Lesbianism" draws from a multitude of sources and time periods to fill this gap. It reconfigures Freud's question: "What does a woman want?" into "What does a man want from women who want other women?" or, even, "What does a man want from a woman that he can get only "as a woman"?" The answers may complicate the mission of those in lesbian studies who are committed to finding an "authentic" lesbian culture. Some of the contributors tackle the legacy of salacious imagery created by men, while others address the connections between male constructions of female homoeroticism and lesbian self-representation. All remind us that the male interest in lesbianism is more complex than mere voyeurism.
The collection also explores the ambivalence in both art and recent popular culture images." "From Rodin to Austin Powers, men have had a complex and sometimes unarticulated fascination with lesbianism. This issue of "GLQ "helps place these phenomena in the larger context of gender and sexuality constructions.
"Contributors. "Judith Halberstam, Elisabeth Ladenson, Brigitte Mahuzier, Naomi Schor, Gretchen Schultz

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