Cooking with the CrunchBros: Casual and Fun Korean- and Japanese-Inspired Recipes from Our Kitchen to Yours (Hardcover)

Cooking with the CrunchBros: Casual and Fun Korean- and Japanese-Inspired Recipes from Our Kitchen to Yours By Jeff Kim, Jordan Kim Cover Image
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Enjoy the fun, quick, easy, and out-of-this-world-delicious Asian recipes in Cooking with The CrunchBros.

Hundreds of millions of people have had fun watching the playful kid-and-dad duo, Jordan and Jeff Kim—better known as The CrunchBros—make, eat, and enjoy amazing Japanese- and Korean-style meals and treats on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. With 65 easy recipes, you too can cook and eat like them with their easy-to-make recipes in this bright and colorful book. 

Perhaps you would like to introduce kids in your family to Asian cooking in an upbeat, funny, and positive way that will make them hungry, give them more variety in their diet, and might even turn them into home cooks themselves. If so, this delectable and accessible book is just the ticket.

Or, if there are no kids in your household, perhaps you would just like simple and delicious meal ideas. With most recipes having just four or five steps, this cookbook is great for everyone and anyone whether you’re new to the kitchen or not.

The CrunchBros serve up healthy and vibrantly flavored recipes in abundance, from Korean treats to scrumptious Japanese dishes, with recipes such as:
  • Ramen Salad
  • Mochi Pizza
  • Spicy Tteok Skewers
  • Shoyu Chicken
  • Galbi Hamburger Steak
  • Misoyaki Salmon
  • Macbokki
  • Jalapeño Garlic Pork
  • Miso Corn

Cooking with the CrunchBros offers a lifetime of enticing treats for diners either young, like Jordan, or grown-up but young-at-heart like his father, Jeff.

About the Author

Jeff and Jordan Kim are the much-beloved, wildly popular, incredibly endearing, and subtly funny father-son duo known as The CrunchBros. In their first three years, they gathered more than 3.9 million followers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, with many of their videos earning more than a half million likes each. And what do the Bros do? It’s simple: They cook, eat, and learn about food, mainly Korean-inspired favorites from dad Jeff’s Korean background and Japanese-inspired dishes from the culinary heritage of the behind-the-scenes, off-camera CrunchMom, also known as CrunchBoss. The Bros get thousands of fan messages from young and old alike, especially from parents who say the CrunchBros videos have motivated their children to try new foods and develop a more adventuresome palate. The CrunchBros have been featured on Buzzfeed, Rachael Ray, Tasty, and Food Network, among other venues. They live with little-sister Kaiya and, of course, CrunchMom, in Orange County, California, just south of Los Angeles.

Praise For…

Cooking with the CrunchBros is more than just a cookbook—it's an endearing narrative interwoven with irresistible dishes for every member of the family. Their inventive Macbokki adds a Korean twist to the classic mac and cheese, creating a fusion that's as delicious as it is unique. And the playful mochi pizza, a personal favorite, showcases the innovative spirit that sets this cookbook apart. I find myself returning to this cookbook repeatedly—it stands as a testament to the love and dedication the CrunchBros and their family have poured into each recipe. Run, don’t walk, to add this beautiful cookbook to your collection!”Kat Lieu, author of Modern Asian Baking at Home

"Cooking with the CrunchBros is a game-changer! As a busy chef I'm always on the lookout for delicious and easy-to-make recipes that my family and I can enjoy making together. This book ticks all the boxes and is filled with mouthwatering dishes suitable for all ages and skill levels."
 —Chef Trevor Luke, Culinary Director, Zippy's Restaurants, Hawaii

“The CrunchBros cookbook takes your taste buds on a deliciously crunchy journey, delivering scrumptious recipes that will leave you craving more! Family recipes have always been very important to me, and getting to cook the CrunchBros’ Korean and Japanese family-style dishes was so much fun."
 —Chef Barb Batiste, Big Boi Filipino Restaurant and B Sweet Dessert Bar, Los Angeles

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