La Cucaracha (Paperback)

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An anthropomorphic hipster cockroach is on the cutting-edge of American comic-strip humor. La Cucaracha (aka Cuco Rocha) and his pals voice the concerns and observations of the Latino-American community with an edgy, insightful wit.

Through La Cucaracha, creator Lalo Alcaraz makes blunt social commentary both hard-hitting and hilarious. The result is not just a pleasure, but also a craving. The strong undercurrent of modern Latino themes and issues adds a sharp layer of meaning to the humor. In one strip, an immigrant bartender has listened to two customers rant, ""I'm telling ya, there's too many immigrants pouring into this country."" When one of the customers asks for another drink the bartender declares, ""I'm an immigrant, and guess what? I'm not pouring ""

This first of perceptive La Cucaracha humor will delight and gratify all audiences that appreciate intelligent, progressive, deeply amusing comics.

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ISBN: 9780740746598
ISBN-10: 0740746596
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2004
Pages: 130
Language: English