Creating a 21st Century Win-Win Economy (Paperback)

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SOLUTIONS FOR THE ROBOTIC AGE This book is about political macroeconomics which is the economic discipline that studies the overall condition and behavior of a country's economy. The size of the macroeconomic pie is unlimited. The age of scarcity is over, because the current capacity and productivity of the private sector can grow and produce all the goods and services that everyone needs as long we use proper resource conservation. We just can't produce and distribute it properly I will describe the solutions in U.S. terms, but they apply to the global economy. Let me state this loud and clear: the macroeconomic systems of the world are in need of change The proper macroeconomic philosophy will free the politicians from fighting about philosophy, and it will allow them to argue and compromise over the specifics of implementation. The debate between the 19th Century Laissez-faire Libertarian economics and the 20th Century Keynesian Economics has gone on long enough Both are not complete enough to create a 21st Century Win-Win Economy. I will take the most successful parts from each philosophy and add to them the proper money creation and distribution systems. The political economic debate that continually splits our country and our leaders is a vicious cycle that can be stopped. Arguments over tax and spend (fiscal policy), and the so-called national debt are not the answer to our economic problems. Fiscal policy was not the cause of the "Great Recession," "Great Depression," or any other economic downturn; therefore, it cannot be the solution What is the solution? I have one. The solution that I propose is nonpartisan; it is purely based on economic logic and reasoning. This book is not an exhaustive description and defense of capitalism. There are plenty of economists who have expounded on this subject. Instead, I will define Capitalism and provide the structures to reduce its major flaws. The solutions will not be about zero or limited government, but the "right" government. One of my goals is to educate our leaders and to empower the government to be a more efficient partner so we can accomplish the necessary programs to insure our future. My answers will be based on imperfect human operations, not on nonexistent human perfections. This is not a proposal to solve all the problems of mankind, just the economic ones. The book is not a proposal for some creation of Utopia or what I call "La-La Land". These are solutions that I believe we should and can do now, not in the next century. This book only covers and defends with economic reasoning and history-not on moral, fairness, political, community or social justice. These are valid points, but should not be used until an economic defense is presented. This is a solutions book written for the average citizen, but should be read by academics. In order for the book to be of reasonable length, it is not a typical academic book. It is not written in what I call "Econo-speak". I will try to keep the language easy to understand, and I will also provide a glossary. There will be mainly answers provided, with a limited amount of descriptive history, examples, footnotes, and statistics. I will refer to books and websites for you to read as a way of providing additional evidence, validation, economic reasoning and examples. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss every economic problem in detail; however, a general macroeconomic roadmap for decision making and basic solutions are provided within. These solutions are neither socialistic nor utopian. There will always be human disparity, differences and conflicts. We will still fight over operational decisions but the basic macroeconomic philosophy will be established.

About the Author

MARK PASH grew up and worked in two separate family businesses, one in manufacturing and the other in retail stores. He went on to receive two business degrees, Bachelors and Masters, from UCLA and USC respectively. Then he served, as an officer in the business branch of the U.S. Army in the Quartermaster Corp. After the Army, he received his Certified Financial Planning designation from the College of Financial Planning and the Institute of Certified Financial Panners, now the CFP Standards Board. Over the past 45 years Mark has been very active in the financial industry helping clients with their budgets, investments, loans, income taxes, social security, medical coverage and scores of other business and personal financial issues. He was listed by Money Magazine as one of the top financial planners in the nation. Additionally, Mark has founded a number of financial organizations and has served as an officer of various industry corporations and associations. His extensive background brings a grounded understanding of the practical and theoretical in the field of macroeconomics. He has written many articles besides his first book "Economic theory of Relativity" and the website of the nonprofit, Center for Progressive Economics at Mark has long been active in politics serving on various campaigns advisory committees and running for Congress. Mark has been married for almost 50 years to his wife Ruth with two daughters, Andrea and Kim, with two grandchildren, Rayne and Zealand and son-in-law Michael Bell.

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Publisher: Center for Progressive Economics
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2017
Pages: 164
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