Time Marches Off (Paperback)

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By Paul Dewreder, Igor Spajic (Afterword by), John Andrews (Cover Design by)
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Follow the Ebb and Flow of the Tides of Love - and Lust - Over an Epic Journey of Two Thousand Years.

Billy and Harry are human guinea pigs, sent into futurity by Professor Slagoscar's time projector. They must survive threats of injury, death - and considerable embarrassment - as they are plunged into a series of futures, each more bizarre than the last.

2050 A.D. - Sex, lies and surveillance...

2250 A.D. - Men dress up while women wear the pants...

2500 A.D. - Billy must wear feminine garments, just to prove that he's a man...

2700 A.D. - A love triangle between a man, a woman and a talking ape -

3000 A.D. - When intelligent animals hunt and humans are on the menu

3500 A.D. - Harry stumbles into a 'domestic arrangement' between a woman and a waistcoat-wearing tomcat...

3700 A.D. - Androids available for every need and purpose, even the most intimate...

3710 A.D. - Can love survive the death rays of rebel robots?

4000 A.D. - Cave women hunt for men...but do they want sex or food?

Will humanity survive the destructive politics of gender; repeated economic collapses; genetic engineering gone wrong; the android revolt; wars waged with weapons of mass destruction; and civilisations' cycles of creation and destruction?

And in all that vastness of two thousand years of deep time, will Billy ever fulfill his quest - to find a beautiful woman to love, and a surviving bottle of scotch?

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ISBN: 9780648752202
ISBN-10: 0648752208
Publisher: SF Heritage Press
Publication Date: October 31st, 2020
Pages: 144
Language: English