Rona Stole My Grades: A Senior Student's Story (Paperback)

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Rona Stole My Grades: A Senior Student's Story is a book for all teenagers looking to improve their exam performance and grades. This book is a self-help tool disguised as a fiction story. Hidden within the pages are seven thought or performance-based strategies for teens who have had enough of doing the same thing and getting the same outcome. The book follows Carter through a self-exploratory chat with a virus (coronavirus). Carter, a seventeen-year-old Grade 12 student at Crestview High, is annoyed and affected by the impact 'Rona' has had on his studies and, more broadly, his life. He talks to the virus at length about what "she" has caused during, what should otherwise be, the best year of his life.

The seven strategies are Accept and Refocus, Never Give Up, How You Think Drives Your Outcomes, You Are What You Eat, Water is Your Brain's Friend, Mistake is Just a Seven Letter Word, and Life Isn't Fair. These strategies are relevant for all high school students, during any grade, during any year. However, when facing your final year during a pandemic, they just feel even more relevant.

Are you the student who likes to self-talk yourself down before an exam? Are you the friend of a teen who eats poorly, sleeps even less, studies at the last minute, and stresses over the less-than-impressive results they then achieve? Are you the parent, carer, or grandparent of a senior student who you just know in your heart can achieve so much more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you.

Too often than not we look for complex solutions to complex problems. We get caught in the web of helplessness that comes from not knowing any other way. Yet, what if you could find simple solutions to improving your final year grades in an easy-to-read book that can be read in no more than two hours? What if the solution is not rocket science, but is based on seven simple strategies that you have yet to consider? What if enhanced grades and exam success can start by changing the way you think? Food for thought?

"If I can help just one student face this year with greater levels of confidence and resilience, then all the very late nights perfecting this short book will be more than worth it. And if reading this book enhances a few grade scores along the way, well wouldn't that be an added thrill. This is the sort of book I wish someone had given me when I was 17." - Chandra Clements (author)

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ISBN: 9780646818900
ISBN-10: 0646818902
Publisher: Chandra Clements
Publication Date: May 12th, 2020
Pages: 84
Language: English