Learn To Swim The Australian Way Level 2: The Basics (Paperback)

Learn To Swim The Australian Way Level 2: The Basics By Allison Tyson, Aly T Cover Image
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Did you know there is an easier way to teach and learn to swim?

Jump into the revolutionary method that prioritizes technique without sacrificing simplicity

Say goodbye to boring textbooks and hello to engaging and fun swim lessons.

This easy-to-follow skill-building technique is THE essential tool for teaching beginners of all ages how to swim with confidence.


Save Money: Fast-track learning to swim is guaranteed to save both time and money on expensive swimming lessons by practicing the right way at home, before and in between formal lessons.

The kids will be swimming in no time and you'll save 1000's on expensive swimming lessons.

Level 2 The Basics: Perfect for kids ready to learn to swim, we'll break down the basics of each stroke in this book plus learn the basics of diving, water safety and more..

Provides a solid foundation for beginners to build upon to move confidently to the next level of future skills

Beautifully Illustrated: Captivating illustrations bring each skill to life, making learning fun and engaging.

Visual cues enhance understanding and engagement, making learning to swim a breeze.

Easy to Read: Written in simple language without difficult jargon or confusing terminology, making it accessible to beginners of all ages.

Verbal cues and easy step-by-step instruction ensures learners of all ages and skill levels can easily follow along and progress.

Self-Affirming Narrative: Empowers learners with a positive mindset building confidence and encouraging progress, fostering a love for swimming and self-confidence in the water.

Boosted confidence motivates and leads to faster progress and learning.

Technically Accurate Images: Clear and precise images ensure that each skill is demonstrated accurately. So that learners grasp the fundamentals of proper technique from the start.

Builds a solid foundation in technique and sets the stage for safe and efficient swimming.

Fun Names for Each Skill: Catchy names for the 21 skills make learning memorable and enjoyable.

Increased engagement and retention ensure skills are learned and remembered more effectively.

Checklist and Progress Tracker: Track progress and celebrate achievements along the way.

Tangible progress markers motivate learners and keep them on track for success.

Perfect for Parents: A wholesome interactive book parents can read together with their kids or easily enough to understand so kids can read and practice before attending lessons.

Encourages bonding and independent learning outside of formal lessons.

Useful For Swim Teachers & Swim Schools: Swim instructors can use as a comprehensive lesson plan, ensuring all essential skills are covered in every class.

Saves time in lesson planning and supports even the most fearful learners effectively.

Breaks Down Learning into Achievable Micro-Skills: Learning to swim is broken down into easy and achievable steps, making progress SUPER EASY and motivating for everyone.

Prevents swimmers from becoming overwhelmed and encourages steady progress.

Written by a Swimming Teacher with 30 Years of Experience: Benefit from the expertise of a seasoned professional in the field of swimming education.

Provides reliable and PROVEN techniques for effective learning.

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