Labour's Antisemitism Crisis: What the Left Got Wrong and How to Learn From It (Paperback)

Labour's Antisemitism Crisis: What the Left Got Wrong and How to Learn From It By David Renton Cover Image
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Between 2015 and 2020 the Labour Party was riven by allegations that the party had tolerated antisemitism.

For the Labour right, and some in the media, the fact that such allegations could be made was proof of a moral collapse under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. Sections of the left meanwhile, sought to resist the accusations by claiming that the numbers of people accused of racism were few, that the allegations were an orchestrated attack, and that those found guilty were excluded from the party. This important book by one of Britain's leading historians of anti-fascism gives a more detailed account than any yet published of what went wrong in Labour. Renton rejects those on the right who sought to exploit the issue for factional advantage. He also criticises those of his comrades on the left who were ignorant about what most British Jews think and demonstrated a willingness to antagonise them.

This book will appeal to anyone who cares about antisemitism or left-wing politics.

About the Author

David Renton is a British historian and barrister. His other books include No Free Speech for Fascists: Exploring 'No Platform' in History, Law and Politics (Routledge 2021) and Never Again: Rock against Racism and the Anti- Nazi League 1976- 1982 (Routledge 2019).

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