Evidence-Based Policing: The Basics (Paperback)

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What is evidence-based policing and how is it done? This book provides an answer to both questions, offering an introduction for undergraduate students and a hands-on guide for police officers wanting to know how to put principles into practice. It serves as a gentle introduction to the terminology, ideas, and scientific methods associated with evidence-based policy, and outlines some of the existing policing applications.

A couple of introductory chapters summarize evidence-based policy and its goals and origins. The core of the book eases the reader through a range of practical chapters that answer questions many people have about evidence-based practice in policing. What does good science look like? How do I find reliable research? How do I evaluate research? What is a hypothesis? How do randomized experiments work? These chapters not only provide a practical guide to reading and using existing research, but also a roadmap for readers wanting to start their own research project. The final chapters outline different ways to publish research, discuss concerns around evidence-based policing, and ask what is in the future for this emerging field. Annotated with the author's own experiences as a police officer and researcher, and filled with simple aids, flowcharts, and figures, this practical guide is the most accessible introduction to evidence-based policing available. It is essential reading for policing students and police professionals alike.

Further resources are available on the book's website at evidencebasedpolicing.net.

About the Author

Jerry H. Ratcliffe is a former British police officer, Professor of Criminal Justice at Temple University, US, and host of the popular Reducing Crime podcast.

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