Posted March 22, 2021 by Third Place Books
Stellar Kids & YA Books to Celebrate Women’s History Month

If you're in need of kids books for Women's History Month, we've got you covered! There are so many incredible children's and young adult books that celebrate amazing women who have changed the world for the better. We hope these books will find a home on your shelves and inspire your kids :) Enjoy!

 Posted March 15, 2021 by Nicole
Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction: Part 2

Part 2 is here with more narrative non-fiction books! From the divas of Egypt's roaring 20's to a 4,000 mile journey into the Alaskan wilds to the natural history heist of the century, these true stories will have you reading late into the night. If you missed part 1, definitely check it out here. Enjoy!

 Posted March 9, 2021 by Nicole
Non-Fiction That Reads Like Fiction: Part 1

A while back, a customer came in and asked me, do you have any recommendations for non-fiction books that read like fiction? As someone who predominantly reads young adult, fantasy, and sci. fi. I was a bit of a deer in headlights and didn't have a quick answer. However, I wasn't going to leave this literary seeking stranger just standing there. So after running around to ask my fellow booksellers, I was able to show the customer a solid 3-4 titles (teamwork really does make the dream work people).

 Posted February 28, 2021 by Third Place Books
Black Authors We Are Loving!

With February and thus Black History Month coming to an end, we wanted to compile this list of recommendations to encourage everyone to read books by Black authors all year long. There are titles from all different genres and even a couple pre-orders to look forward to. We hope you will read some of these incredible stories and continue to support and celebrate Black authors post-February and beyond.

 Posted February 21, 2021 by Sarah B.
Crafting & Creating in Quarantine

I don’t know about you, but this past year I have watched far too much television and spent far too little time on anything remotely productive. It has been difficult for me to find things that can capture and hold my attention - even reading has felt like a chore lately. When I’m having trouble reigning in my idleness, sometimes I turn to paper crafts. Paper folding, cutting, and gluing doesn't demand all of my focus, and I need that when I’m not in the mental/emotional space to give anything my complete attention. There are so many different kinds of crafts and so many creative crafting possibilities to explore that can help with restlessness and inattention.

 Posted February 12, 2021 by Third Place Books
Sending Love

Everything these days is understandably viewed through the lense of the pandemic--even these blog posts. I've only written three over the last year, but I'm pretty sure all of them started with some sort of cry for "normalcy" or a statement on how books can help us deal with everything that has had to change. And while yes, this Valentine's Day will be another unusual holiday in the books, I feel confident in saying that one thing has NOT changed: long distance relationships are a tale as old as time! Be it through letters, emails, texts, tweets, post-it notes or even time travel, love finds a way no matter how far apart we are. 

 Posted February 7, 2021 by Troy
Path to My Heritage

I have always felt disconnected from the month of February. Yes, I know it's Black History Month and I need to take pride in my history. But for a long time I just couldn’t see myself in the greatness of these heroes’ legacy. It was a steep hill to climb. In school, the teachers would have us create projects, watch a film or two and decorate the room in an elaborate celebration of the heroes of African American History. The more they pushed this, the wider that distance became. I can remember that feeling lingering throughout high school and up until my early twenties. I celebrated my culture of course during those years but there was never a true connection to the history of it, until there was.

 Posted January 31, 2021 by Claire
Kids & YA Books Hitting the Shelves this March

Spring is nearly upon us and March is filled with some ridiculously exciting new kids and young adult titles that you’ll want on your radar. All of the books below are available for pre-order now!

 Posted January 24, 2021 by Rosa
21 Books to Pre-Order ASAP!

There are some really amazing books coming out this spring that you're gonna want to check out. Pre-order them now so you'll be ahead of the curve when they're released. Seriously, these books look phenomenal and we can't wait for them to be out in the world.

 Posted January 17, 2021 by Third Place Books
Cookbooks for Culinary Inspiration

A new year has begun with already a fair amount of societal stress. Amidst everything that is happening, hopefully we can all take a moment to prepare a nice meal for ourselves and savor the act of eating really good food. To help jumpstart your new cooking adventures for the year, our cooking aficionados of the store, Danielle & Kitri, have put together an excellent list of cookbooks for all the culinary inclined folks out there.