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In honor of Pride month, I asked Third Place booksellers to recommend some of their recent favorite LGBTQIA+ reads. 


 Posted June 1, 2022 by Third Place Books

Here’s the thing. There are so many recommendations out there for what you should read based on your favorite Shakespeare play. And since Shakespeare is one of the most well-known playwrights, as well as being credited with the invention of over 1,700 words, it makes total sense! In fact, we just put out a blog post about some fantastic Shakespeare adaptations that you should check out. But what if none of those recommendations hit home for you? Maybe you need a break from Shakespeare’s tropes and are looking for something that’s the complete opposite.

 Posted May 20, 2022 by Sarah C.

As book readers, there are a lot of common problems we universally run into: our ever growing and (dangerously) tilting TBR pile, using scraps of trash and old receipts as makeshift bookmarks, going into Third Place Books to buy one book and leaving with seven... we've all been there!

 Posted April 30, 2022 by Emily

I was introduced to the novel in verse in college by way of my Literary Theory class. My professor assigned us Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson and it completely changed the way I read fiction, as well as poetry. 

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Happy National Poetry Month! Maybe this is your favorite month of the year, maybe you haven’t read a poem since having to memorize The Road Less Traveled in middle school, or maybe you’re somewhere in between (if you’re looking for a place to start, check out Allie’s earlier post on the blog). It’s no secret that poetry can be one of the most intimidating literary genres.

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Hail and well met, good reader! April 23rd is upon us once again: Shakespeare Day! 

 Posted April 20, 2022 by Allie

It’s April, which means it’s National Poetry Month, which gives me an excuse to write about poetry. 

If you are a person who read excuse to write about poetry and settled in happily to read about one of your favorite subjects – I’m very sorry, this post isn’t really for you. Also, I may insult your favorite poet in a couple paragraphs. Again, apologies. Feel free to defend them in the comments.  

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Few things surpass my love of books. But hockey might be one. And most definitely the Kraken. With the post season coming up and sadly no playoff berth in our future, you, like me, might have a little extra time on your hands. So here's a Kraken book match to celebrate your favorite NHL team and hopefully keep you busy until October.

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Help Trans Kids by Buying Books and Supporting Transgender Authors/Stories! 
In light of recent anti-trans legislation across the United States, Third Place Books will donate 20% of all in store and online sales on Saturday April 2nd, 2022 to the Transgender Law Center

 Posted March 26, 2022 by Joe
Books About the Internet

Hello. Am I a person writing this? Are you a person reading this? How can we tell what lies on the other side of this screen between us? Maybe I am Mark Zuckerberg inside the metaverse wearing the virtual costume of a bookseller. Or I’m a TikTok creator sharing book titles in the format of the latest viral booktok trend. Perhaps I’m an artificial intelligence program designed to identify what books fit a certain theme so that I can share them with the world. Just kidding—I’m Joe, a real life flesh-and-blood bookseller at Third Place Books Lake Forest Park. We’ve recently revamped our Internet and Technology section, but there are books about the Internet in every corner of the store!

Welcome to this post, which as you know lives on the internet. More and more our lives, the way we express ourselves, the nature of our connections to others, and how we engage with the world around us is tied up in the world wide web. We listen to podcasts online, write and read fan fiction.  Since the beginning of the pandemic our shift towards living with one foot on solid ground and the other in digital reality has only accelerated with virtual events and remote work leaving us all in a digital limbo. Literature has got to keep up! Here’s a round up of some of my favorite books that are either explicitly about the internet or engage our shifting relationships with each other and the technology that connects us. If something catches your eye, order it online or even venture to one of our stores in person.