Who Wrote it Better?

Have you ever been hunting for a book online (maybe at say ThirdPlaceBooks.com) and had the search results return with the correct title but absolutely wrong cover? Maybe it’s not even the correct genre. And it definitely is not by the author you expected. Did you misremember the title? Or did you somehow slip into a parallel dimension?

Potential Twilight Zone episode, Mandela effect, or multiverse jump aside–is it possible that another book has exactly the same title as the one you were looking for? Short answer: yes.

Fact is, in the United States at least, book titles are not copyrighted and while there are certainly an endless amount of word combinations out there in the world, it is not completely unheard of for two authors to come up with the same perfect title. Sometimes they are separated by years, or even decades, but other times both books are published within just weeks of each other. It’s as if the same muse flew by whispering title ideas into each author’s ear and said, “Fight!”

But thankfully, in most cases, even when both vessels complete their work at the same time, what those authors end up doing with the title ends up being very, very different. Still, the question remains: When it comes to books with the same, or eerily similar title, which one did it justice?

Check out our list below of books with the same title and come into the store throughout the month of September to vote for your favorite at our “Who Wrote it Best?” table. There you will find both versions of these books and help us decide the ultimate winner for each match-up. 

Sound off in the comments below, Twitter, or Instagram (don’t forget to tag @thirdplacebooks) and tell us, who do you think did the most with the title? Who wrote it best?