Quick Audiobooks to Listen to While Crafting

Hello fellow crafters! I think it's fair to say we've all had a bit more time to engage in our indoor hobbies these days, which means many of us have been crafting more than usual! And whether you're knitting, or embroidering, or maybe sewing masks, as several of our Third Place Booksellers have been these past few months, there's nothing better than crafting with the company of a great audiobook.

So here’s a list of quick, engaging reads that you can download off libro.fm right now, no leaving your house necessary. 

6 Audiobooks to Listen to While Crafting

Beach Read by Emily Henry
Augustus Everett and January Andrews are polar opposites. Augustus writes literary fiction, with swaths of dead characters. January Andrews writes bestselling romance with happy endings. Both of them are stuck, both in their writing career, and in neighboring beach houses for the whole summer. So they challenge each other to switch genres for the summer, just to get out of their rut. This book is very fun and charming and will pair well with crafts and lemonade.

Almond by Won-pyung Sohn
Yunjae has a brain condition called Alexithymia that makes emotions difficult for him to feel. Because of his condition he has struggled to connect to his peers, until he meets Gon, a hotheaded bully who seems to feel everything -- maybe too easily. As this unlikely friendship grows, Yunjae finds himself stepping outside his comfort zone to protect his new friend. This is a short book, so add some stitchery, or paints, or paper, and it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon. 

The Toni Morrison Book Club by Juda Bennet, Winnifred Brown-Glaude, Cassandra Jackson, and Piper Kendrix Williams
Four college professors use Toni Morrison’s writing as a springboard to discuss questions about race, gender and identity. This is a warm, thoughtful, engaging book that will pair perfectly with your craft of choice and some spring sunshine. You’ll feel like you’re listening to the thoughts and revelations of insightful friends, rather than sitting in on a class -- and they have so much to share about Morrison’s books, finding yourself in fiction, and communal healing.

Mythos by Stephen Fry
If you craft in small doses, the incomparable Stephen Fry narrates a collection of Greek myths. They’re clever, great fun, and emotionally resonant -- plus each story is short, which makes it perfect for the restless crafting enthusiast.  


All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Despite being the start of a series called Murderbot Diaries, this book has been described to me as a warm sci-fi hug. It’s about a deadly security android that has managed to free itself from it’s restrictive programming and gain self awareness. It doesn’t love humans and is just after some self-discovery, but circumstances intervene and Murderbot is forced to start gaining attachments to people. You will not regret spending an evening with Murderbot, and plus it’s a series so there are a few to get through!

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert
This is a little bit of a longer read, but it’s so much fun you’ll fly right through it. After a near-death experience Chloe Brown, a computer geek with a chronic illness, creates seven goals to get herself a life. Her goals include everything from Go Camping to “do something bad.” Trouble is, she’s not entirely sure how to achieve these badass goals of hers, so she enlists hot handyman Red to help her. This book is super sparkly, so if your crafts always incorporate glitter, this might be the book you need. Plus, bonus -- the second book in the series comes out in a month, so it’s the perfect time to get in on the fun!