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Our Favorite Books of the Year

Throughout the year you depend on our booksellers to steer you towards your next favorite book. And during the holidays, we're here to recommend that special book for your Father-in-Law who's always into the latest kitchen craze, or your best friend who insists that you watch every episode of the Golden Girls. I imagine that many people assume recommending books is as easy as handing someone your favorite book and calling it good.

Read This Book

You probably already know all about our staff picks. And chances are, if you've read a staff pick from our Lake Forest Park store, you've read one of Anje's. Anje is perhaps our most prolific, most hilarious staff pick writer. I've seen her convice a person to read a book with just three words. Here is one of her latest suggestions.

New Release Tuesday

Leaves are changing colors, there's a crispness in the air, pumpkin spice is in everything. Oh, and there are a million boxes in our receiving bay. That's how booksellers can tell it's fall. Autumn is all about new releases, and all about the heavy hitters. It's like the book version of Oscar season. Here are a few books that we are excited to see this week:

Get Bored!

SO, this might be a hard sell here in tech-centric Seattle, but why don't you put down your phone. Studies show that putting down your phone, and letting yourself be bored activates parts of your brain that have gone dormant from constant stimulation. Putting down your phone and getting bored helps you access that sad, almost dead part of your brain and boosts your creativity and problem solving skills.

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