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Planning a trip in the near future? Have you figured out what you'll be reading? No?!!? Well, this article from the Chicago Tribune may be of use to you.

Completely at a loss as to how to pack at all? Check out this helpful little guy. How To Pack : Travel Smart for any Trip


Maybe you're craving adventure, but have no travel plans on the horizon. Well, check out the book trailer for Disappointment River : Finding and Losing the Northwest Passage by Brian Castner .

Kalani read it and has this to say:

"Over the course of reading Disappointment River, I found myself frequently looking up canoe and kayak prices at my local outdoor sporting store, the same way I was actually looking up trips to Alaska while reading Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild. While I'm not a rower, I found myself hearing the call of the Mackenzie River in this dual narrative that simultaneously transports the reader back to the late-1700s to tell the story of the early American fur trade and the significance of the Northwest Passage while also serving as a contemporary travelogue of author Brian Castner, as he retraces explorer Alexander Mackenzie's journey himself in a completely changed landscape over 200 years later. Castner, a former explosive ordnance officer in Iraq, is known as the author of two books detailing experiences in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, has written a new type of adventure with the same level of command and authority on the subject."


First Lady, Michelle Obama is writing a memoir. AGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! It will be out this November. Click here to preorder.

And while you wait, check out the 79 books President Obama recommended during his presidency. 


Want to know what Wrinkle in Time character you are? I know...stupid question. Take this quiz to find out.


And mark your calendars, Independent Bookstore Day is almost here! Please join us and all your other favorite indie bookstores on Saturday, April 28th. We will have games, prizes, exclusive merchandise, free books, free food, and of course, the Seattle Independent Bookstore Day Challenge. More details to come, just make sure you're free!