Anticipated Releases of 2023

We made it to the new year and the air is abuzz with exciting upcoming releases! Now that we’ve figured out our favorite books of 2022, and your favorite books of 2022, it’s finally time to look ahead. 

I asked Third Place booksellers what they’re anticipating in the new year and here were some of their answers: 

The Guest Lecture by Martin Riker 
Release: Jan 24, 2023
What a magnificent novel. The Guest Lecture is succinct in its execution, wise and generous in its intellectual offerings, creative and a little experimental but never belligerent. If you're ever to summon an English economist into the rooms of your consciousness, let it be John Maynard Keynes, and may your guide be as good as Abby, Martin Riker's heroic/anxious protagonist. The Guest Lecture is high entertainment and a hell of a lot of fun. I'm going to read it again before too long. – Spencer




Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn
Release: Jan 24th, 2023
I adore Clayborn's previous two books, Love Lettering and Love at First. I expect very good things from her next book, which has a grumpy-sunshine dynamic and believably flawed characters. – Danielle






Brutes by Dizz Tate 
Release: Feb 7, 2023
This is being billed as Virgin Suicides meets The Florida Project. A small group of 13-year-old girls are all obsessed with Sammy, the older, mysterious preacher’s daughter – especially after Sammy goes missing, exposing their town's secrets and lies. This was love at first sight for me, but I can’t wait to actually read it. – Allie





Your Driver is Waiting by Priya Guns
Release: Feb 28, 2023
A ride-share driver scraping by meets a pretty rich girl in the back of her car, they start dating, and then pretty rich girl does something unforgivable and “sets off an explosive chain of events.” Your guess as to what that means is as good as mine, but I desperately want to find out. This looks like that perfect blend of wild, scathing, insightful, and funny I’m always looking for! – Allie




What Happened to Ruthie Ramirez by Claire Jimenez 
Release: Mar 7, 2023
This book captures a Puerto Rican family after a great loss and what transpires in the years after. Each member of the Ramirez family deals with the loss so differently but ultimately come together to finally understand what happened to their Ruthy. One of the most dynamic novels about grief I've read in some time. – Rosa





Your Love is Not Good by Johanna Hedva 
Release: May 23, 2023
I absolutely melted into Your Love is Not Good.
With its lean, disciplined prose and intellectual/artistic/erotic provocations, it is a novel demanding patient consideration while slyly, slowly seducing the reader with Hedva's electric vision. – Wes



The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor 
Release: May 23, 2023
This novel had so much tension that I had to put it down every few pages just so I could catch my breath. Full of memorable characters that feel like they could have easily been plucked from your own life. I think this just may be Brandon's best work yet.  – Rosa




Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan
Release: April 04, 2023
Egan is back! It's been a few years since Pilgrimage to Eternity came out, and one of the finest history writers of our time is here with another fantastic read. It's not easy to write history books that a general audience can devour, but he does it every time. Super excited for this one! – Zack





Ripe by Sarah Rose Etter
Release: July 11, 2023
This black hole of a book, I say with the most tenderness, absorbed me. Cassie is a witness to her own life as much as she is witness to people lighting themselves on fire, shitting in the street, our impending virus, California wildfires, Silicon Valley toxic work hustle, and the black hole that expands and contracts above her head. I typically don't like office place narratives or how writers have been writing the pandemic narrative but Etter does so beautifully and devastatingly. I'm so excited for people to read more from Sarah Rose Etter, also the author of The Book of X. 


The Continental Affair by Christine Mangan
Release: August 22, 2023
I have a long, long wait for this one but I loved Tangerine and Palace of the Drowned so I know the wait is worth it. Mangan's skilled at twisty, unexpected psychological thrillers reminiscent of Patricia Highsmith. Her novels are vividly atmospheric and I can't wait to travel to Turkey and Serbia in her next caper. – Danielle